Saturday, 6 August 2011


There are five of us in this urban corner of central Scotland. Let me introduce:

Big boy (JP): Has just turned 5, bright, sparky, confident, affectionate and cheeky.
Little boy (AJ): Has just turned 3, very smart, shy, gentle and stubborn.
Baby boy (BJ): 9 months old, loves milk, cuddles and his big brothers.

Me: Mummy, 31, others would describe me as quiet (mostly) and caring (hopefully). I like creating things, whether it be baking, sewing, knitting, crochet or papercraft. I'm a Speech & Language Therapist for my paid job, working with children in the community.

Daddy: 31, creative and very quirky (in a good way!). He has two jobs now - one working for a money advice charity establishing a presence in Scotland, and he's also a freelance photographer. We've been married for 8 years. He's a great dad, and I'm so glad to be sharing this journey with him.

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