Monday, 8 August 2011


Big and Little boy went for a sleepover with the grandparents at the weekend... In the morning, while Baby boy was sleeping, I had a chance to sit reading in complete silence with a coffee and my Kindle. I'm reading a book called Naked Spirituality, all about stripping away the stuff that surrounds much of modern faith experience. Today's chapter was about thankfulness and gratitude. These are my reflections:

I'm sad that I have to return to work tomorrow
 - but I'm so grateful to have a job to go to when so many people don't.
I'll miss my three boys so much
- but I'm so thankful for three beautiful healthy boys, other people haven't been so fortunate.
I'm going to miss the routines I've built up while I've been on maternity leave
- but I've been so fortunate to have this time to devote to lookimg after my boys.

In all, I'm grateful for what I have. Trying now to maintain this aura of calm and thankfulness...

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