Thursday, 18 August 2011


The name tapes are sewn on countless pieces of uniform, the schoolbag is packed, the pencils are labelled, the lunchbox is in the fridge, and one 5 year old boy is ready and raring to go to school. There's only one question remaining...

Am I ready?

Somehow this seems like SUCH a big milestone, this first day at school. Maybe it's because school is such a large part of a child's experience. Maybe it's denial that I could possibly be the parent of a school child. Maybe it goes back to some of the less than positive experiences I had at school. Who knows? All I know is that every step closer to JP's first day at school makes me feel increasingly like crying. A lot.

But then, on the other hand...

JP is SO ready for school. He's bright, sparky, confident, and ready for some new challenges. He loves learning things, and loves to find out more about whatever has captured his interest. I'm so proud of him, for his caring nature, for his self-confidence, for his love of life. And, I guess, that has to have something to do with how we've parented him. We must have done something right along the way. I don't think we're good at acknowledging the things we get right as parents - I know I'm not. But somehow, I know I have done something right.

Does that mean I'm ready to send my baby into a bigger world than he's been part of til now? Heck no! I'll never be ready for that. But I know he's ready. So I have to be...

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  1. My Elliot starts after labour day. And his little brother starts preschool the same day. I'm sooooo looking forward to it. But I don't want it to happen yet. *sniff*